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Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many Born To Parent blogs.

Where do you start? In time, we aim to inform, inspire, question and laugh with you through these blogs, but this one is a scene setter.

What is BTP? In brief, it’s Georgie and Emily but really it’s about a partnership (and friendship) built around a passion for working with parents from conception, through pregnancy, birth and into childhood. With over 35 years of experience in childcare between us, we realised our unique yet complementary training and experiences would give us an exceptional platform to work together and with parents to help them be the best parent they can be.

So let’s introduce ourselves. First, Georgie. I’ve got two children in their teens, I’ve run a company providing sleep solutions to parents of newborns since 2001 and I’ve been teaching about sleep issues to professionals for over 10 years.

Next, Emily. I originally trained as a Montessori teacher, then a midwife, doula (birth and post-natal), baby & toddler swim instructor and an ante-natal teacher. I’ve got two children under five, a bonkers spaniel and a house rabbit.

Hopefully this is the first (and most boring!) of our blogs, but it’s given you a flavor of who we are.

Do follow us on Twitter @borntoparent and feel free to comment on all our musings. You can always contact us via our website too – http://www.borntoparent.co.uk




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