So you start a blog with someone you think you know really well, and she comes out with a brain dump about losing baby weight as her first offering!
That was my first reaction to Emily’s blog. But with a moment’s reflection, I realised that beauty is not always in the eye of the beholder; when Emily looks in the mirror, she obviously doesn’t see what I see.  

When I look at Emily, I see a Mummy who has waited a long time for this role, and whilst waiting she has poured her heart and soul into helping other parents achieve the very best for their children. I see a patient, thoughtful, loving Mummy running a slightly chaotic household where there is always a warm welcome and a freshly baked cake on the table. And when that one has been eaten, there’s another one in the freezer!

She manages that tricky balance of motherhood and businesswoman, but I don’t think her children really know that she works, they feel they are her priority and they know that if they need her, she will be there.

What none of us sees is the spare tyre that Emily agonises about. Apart from a weakness for the above-mentioned skinny latte, she doesn’t have her nose permanently in the fridge. She walks the dog every day, plays with the children, swims with her family at the weekends …

And I imagine that the description above could apply to almost any Mummy reading this blog.  

So what I’d like to suggest is that there are more important things in life. Most women think they could lose a bit of weight – it is a First World problem which, in a way, we could say we are lucky to have. Our perfect body image is imposed on us by society, we take the message on board and beat ourselves up about it.

But if you are lucky enough to have people who love you just the way you are, BE the person who they love. Don’t change.



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