I don’t know about you but when I sit down to write another blog (which you’ll notice is not a frequent happening, although I am trying to change that!) my mind goes blank. All those ideas that swim into my mind while on the school run or stomping across Salisbury Plain on a dog walk or while persuading a 3 year old to do his business on the loo seem to somehow disappear the minute a new word document appears on the screen in front of me. Then my strongest life skill of all kicks in – procrastination.

Which made me start thinking – are we too quick to dismiss the art of procrastinating? Or could we actually embrace it as a life skill if we just utilize it more successfully? As a busy mother my mental ‘to-do’ list is so long I honestly don’t see how I could ever get to the end of it before the children leave home. And yet I often find myself with mini time-holes, 5/6/10 minutes before the school run or waiting for the dishwasher to finish; I find myself looking for things to do and yet so much on my list needs hours, not minutes and my time gets lost.

So I’m introducing the ‘procrasta-list’ – my never-ending list that is hanging on the inside of my cupboard, in no specific order, it’s just there. I am not using it to remind me of all I need to do, but as a way of utilizing my time more successfully. I’m introducing the power of positive thinking; instead of fearing my endless procrastinating I’m going to harness the creativity that procrastinating apparently brings me and use my list to get ideas for what to do in those mini time-holes.

All of which is very interesting but still doesn’t help me harness my blog ideas – so I’m also adding a blog list to my wall – a random collection of words and ideas that may one day become something more. I’m not sure if it’ll help me or not; it maybe that it remains a random collection of words because after all, what all these things need is time and as a busy mother time is something I lack…….




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